Questions about rescheduling dates? And need opinions?

I met this girl from tinder and we were supposed to go on a date the first time. I slept in because I was waiting for her to get a babysitter that day. So she texted me at 3 and when I woke up I discovered my aunt from Cali had just came into town and I told her I feel extremely bad but can we reschedule and I told her my reason and she seemed fine with that, so we rescheduled for today Monday. Last night she told me her mom was going to have to babysit but she got called into work today and she hopes that her mom will still babysit. I told her that's okay I will wait for her and see what happens. I also told her that I have the next three days off but she did not reply. What should I make of this? Is she just doing this because I rescheduled or should I not bother with her? Because she says she is interested but she doesn't really talk to me. Kind of a weird question but yea


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  • Just wait for a response. she's probably busy


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  • dont make a big deal out of it but dont give her a rope of excuses to climb either