Guys, at what point do you stop chasing a girl?


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  • Never chase women. Meet women. Befriend women. Get to know women. Have sex with women. But never chase women. Chasing means she's running. The girls that want you to chase them don't actually like you they like themselves and just want you to reaffirm how awesome they think they are. and if they do actually like you they'll stop look over their shoulder and see you're not chasing and change they're approach. Or at least that's been my experience. I don't chase. I observe, decide, express interest, and allow her decide what she wants to do. If she says no I let her go. And the chase to me is just a nonverbal no. (It's also unattractive)

    • This is exactly what I thought. Their ego was just boosted.

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  • When she seems disinterested in you. If i was pursuing a guy and it wasn't progressing, or there was signs of disinterest then i'd just back off him

  • The minute she tells you, "No, I'm not interested in you" :)


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