So let me get this straight..Hang out?

so a guy I just met and have been flirting with asked me to hang out, I know this means just hang out with I'm not assuming anything, but at the same time I always see him stare at me and he asked if I was single. what is he thinking here?


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  • umm I can't possible tell by this little information ... but when a guy says "hang out" I would take it with a grain of salt! Ask him what he wants to do because really you don't want any surprises by what he means by hanging out... I had this guy that usually said that to me at the begining and I always wondered what he meant by that ... He always replied with 'I don't know, whatever you wanna do" that kinda of line ... even thou I pressed him to tell me exactly what he wanted to do, he would not be very straight forward! Sometimes he would say Let's have some drinks and then watch a movie in my place ... AHA! I came to realize that by hanging out he meant Sex at some point! My other guys friends usually tell me exactly what they wanna do ... like lets go watch a movie and then dinner or something ... but this one guy who used "hang out" so loosely wouldn't tell me exactly but for him it meant some fun along the line... So be careful! if you don't want just to sleep with him then make sure he knows where you stand! Keep in mind that ALL guys have SEX in mind ... This one guy I mentioned also checked me out and everything so I know he finds me attractive ... so he checks you out because he finds you attractive but you can't tell right away what his intentions are until you actually go out with him! Anyways, Like I said ask him what he wants to do and see what he comes up with...

  • He likes you.