I just want to hang out with him?

I have been talking to this guy for almost three months and I haven't hung out with him in almost a month, since the first week him and I both that finals, the beginning of the second week he still had finals and rest of that second week Thursday through Sunday he has his son. Third week he had summer classes and made plans to go to hang out with his sister. Last Thursday I called him and we talked about half hour on the phone and he was asking me when the days I am off and I told him Monday, Tuesday and Wend, he told me and him we hang out and do something and after we got off the phone I told him to get hold of me and he told me he will. so yesterday he never ask to hang out so I was gong to through my call log and I accidentally called him and I hurry hang out up, I left my phone in my room he called back and then he text me saying was at his nephew graduation and I text him back telling him I accidentally called him and he replied saying "it's ok". Today is Monday and I want to hang out with him but I sick of asking him to hang out because he is with his family and I don't want to look desperate, I just don't know what to do. If it matter he is 33 and Im 24.



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  • What happened to the days you two planned to hang out?

    • We didn't plan anything because he is not a planner he more like go with the flow and he mentioned hanging out but he never gave a day he was asking me to what days I am free but that's it i though he was going to ask to hangout today or maybe tmw or Wednesday but I don't know

    • Just Send a text saying I'm free these days


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  • better ask him when he's not wid his family?

    he should b available some day!


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  • just tell him.