Why am I attracted to him?

Why am I attracted to him though he smokes and shows little interest? Why do I still want to get to know him?


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  • guess u like bad boyz? 8)

    • I don't think he is a bad boy. He works hard and works a lot. Doesn't seem to be a partier but seems to like the outdoors more. Doesn't drive no fancy car but drives a nice car. I kinda think he is shy or something. There is something about him, I just can't put my finger on.


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  • because girls like attention, and we're used to guys giving us lots of attention... and when find one that doesn't, it's like wtf, why don't you like me.. I chose you.
    Devote your attention elsewhere, he's not going to magically fall for you.

  • because you like him!

    • But I want to stop but I can't.. Like I feel he doesn't feel the same way but I still want a chance to get to know me. I also kinda want to make out with him but that is all based on pure attraction. I never made out and I want to be like will you teach me... but that extremely forward and I have not been alone with him to see where it would go.