Girls, Date at the zoo Did it go well?

Well she said it was a great idea while we were there and I mentioned about us doing something like it again, of course I didn't know what exactly, but she was like we can work out something together. We had good conversation and both got to know about one another so I was happy. Although we didn't kiss, just a hug. I don't kiss random girls and I think a lot of girls feel the same. I'm going to text her tomorrow and see, but i'm just curious. Honestly I think girls say they enjoyed themselves even if they didn't. She said she thought it was a great idea without me even asking though so who knows. What do you think? How do I know if i'm in the friend zone? This was a first date. I've told her she was cute and have complimented her, plus thrown a few sexual innuendos in there over text. lol

She called me at like 7 this morning and I missed the call. I wasn't expecting her to call. lol I called a couple times throughout the day and it just goes straight to voicemail, so I don't know what's going on.


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  • Sounds good to me... If you message her again to go out and she excepts she's into you... If she calls you bud or dude your in the friends zone. I wouldn't worry, sounds like you had a great date with her.

  • i think it did!