I'm done with females?

So I've decided that from this point on that I'm done with females. I'm tired of being rejected constantly, friend-zoned or, just being completely ignored. No matter how hard I try I get nowhere. Actually to be honest 90% of the time I'm never given a chance. Anyways, I just don't see why I should waste my energy when I know nothing will come from it. Not only that I'm done with the stupid games that females play. Like how females want you to be exclusive to them but, will be talking to as many guys as they want. Females are also mad manipulative and attention whores. A great example is when I took this girl to the Bulls/Cavs game last week (Game 3). The game was great and I thought the date went well as well. Until she told me that she only went with me cause I had great seats. Now I salute her for being real but, that was really fucked up tho. But, doesn't matter now cause idgaf about these girl no more. From now on I'm all about me. Btw: I'm sure I'm coming off bitter and maybe a bit misogynistic a bit. But if you understood my situation maybe this would make sense. I'm just tired of being depressed and always thinking about my failures with women. Hence I'm cutting them off!!! I'm not saying that I'm no longer attracted to them. But, I do feel that I'll be better off mentally and emotionally if I cut female interaction from my life.


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  • Oh boo hoo. I've been dumped, I've been rejected many many times now. I've been led on. I've been lied to by many guys. But I do not allow it to make me a bitter person. I was even dumped once at my very own prom by my then boyfriend of 7 months. I don't blame all guys because of a few assholes. I'm sorry but that kind of mentality is childish and dramatic. Most people have been hurt by guys/girls but it shouldn't make you feel like you are alone or that you will never find someone. Life isn't fair. I would know. But first try and be happy by yourself. That is the most important step. You shouldn't feel like you need a girl in your life to be happy but that doesn't mean you should strive to shut yourself off from love. There are nice girls out there too you know.

  • To say "I'm done with females" is like saying "I'm done with right handed people." We're not all the same.

  • Have you noticed that the common factor to your problem is you?
    maybe it IS you?

    Self pity is hardly attractive, and if you have some underlying resentment towards woman, believe me, it shows.

    Maybe you keep going for the wrong kind of woman. Who knows... change your "hunting grounds" change your tactics.

    There ARE good women out there.

    • She does have a small point, one that I've discussed below.

      but women will always set blame onto you, not them. You must learn to ignore that.

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    • @asker: I read down below that you meet women because of the work that you do. I'd say that's the problem isn't it? They are not there because of you. That's my point regarding "hunting grounds".
      Maybe you can pick up a new hobby where you can meet down to earth women who don't need to be a gold digger.
      And good for you about not wasting too much time on other peoples opinion. As long as you're a good person, you shouldn't care.
      And contrary to what CorruptedDocument thinks, I am not shaming you. I am only giving you my objective opinion, and it would be exactly the same if you where a woman asking the question.

    • I was right, she was the most civil out of them.

  • Okay bye. No loss here. Nobody wants to be with a overgeneralizing pussy anyways. Someone who just gives up on things when they get hard. Is that how you deal with everything you encounter? Nobody said it was gonna be easy.

    • Ok, so I'm a pussy now? Name calling over the internet is a bit 2010 isn't it? But, whatever. No, I don't easily give up on things. In fact I can say that I work harder than most. I don't expect anything to be easy or handed to me. I have no problem working to get a girl. But most of you aren't worth it. At the end of the day I think it's just better if I focus all my energy on my work. But, you did kinda prove my point...

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    • Yeah, they do that so you start to whine about it and call her out on it, you can't expect her to understand she's being a bitch, she's just being herself. You'll have to learn to let that go.

    • man! its really gotta sting getting called a pussy by a women but it really sounds like you need to man the Fuck up and stop chasing women and act more like a man your probably just come off as needy which is totally women repellent

  • Ok well, bye lol


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  • unfortunately that's part of life dude. you have to get through the bad to get to the good, think of this as preparation for the woman that do want to date you. those woman that do that are either to stupid to realize that you a good guy or they think they are above you. so if you look at it if the case was she thought she was above you then do you really want to be with someone like that.

    I have had girlfriends treat me like crap like they were better than me. then when i leave they bitch and moan, then post shit about me on twitter. I thought i made a mistake in my decision to break up but posting shit about me on twitter after i broke up in a respectful way only goes to show my decision was right. I am in the same boat as you. I don't get friends zoned anymore because i just walk if that happens.

    At the end of the day i know what it is i have to offer and i know my worth which is why i have an attitude if woman like me they like me if they don't they don't i don't have time to waste on woman who will waste my time and energy, I have a life to lead. I also admit sometimes i bitch and moan about it too. hell we all do!

    I am working on it too. Believe what you are worth you can't control other peoples decisions or their reactions and what they do. We are both young we have loads to learn about woman, enjoy the process.

    When you get rejected don't think of it as rejection but as reference. and be proud that you had the guts to ask a woman out over the phone or face to face. do you know how much balls that shows and confidence woman will respect you for it.

    I will give you a quick story. I asked for this girls number and she didn't want to give it so i though okay fine. we just chatted for a few days, till one day i thought hell what do i have to loose asked her out face to face she said no. but gave me her number. She respected that i had balls and confidence to do that. not many guys our age do that by the way its always over text message. and there is one thing i learnt about woman just be direct and state what you want, if they don't want the same thing you want then you know not to waste your time nore theirs.

    I hope this long explanation helps.

    by the way i ma not that successful with woman either but i get dates now and then so i know a bit about what i am talking about.

  • One down and the rest of the billions guys to go

  • I suggest taking a break away from women if you are this pissed off over some lousy results. Notice I didn't say permanent. Give yourself a chance to relax.

    And yeah, that was f***ed up about the girl who went with you to a playoff game only because of the seats. I'm trying to look for someone, but I know this... if I'm gonna take someone to a sports event and I don't know them very well, it's gonna be a regular season game where the seats are much lighter on the pocket (and I got a good idea how high they were lol).

    • I'm definitely taking an extended vacation from women. The Bulls game was a bad idea though. I'm just glad that I'm I can afford to lose $300 on a seat.

  • If you can get tickets to the nba finals I won't complain.

  • That's lame, get over it.

    • Well I don't really how it's lame? If something is a waste of your time you stop doing it right? Isn't insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same results?

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    • I totally get what you are saying but, I guess I'm just at the point where I've realized that I don't need women to be happy or fulfill me. If that makes sense.

    • That point I felt was obvious but I guess I should address it as well, women will weed out weak men by using them, if you need someone (women) to make you happy, that is a weak quality. You will keep getting horrible behavior from them if you proceed on the previous route.

  • You should probably just focus on work and a girl will show up.

    • That's essentially what I plan on doing. All the energy that I spend on girls will now be used in other areas of my life.

    • Don't worry about it bro, focus on life.

  • The key is love yourself, enjoy life and when females try and affix the blame to yourself - be aloof and nonchalant my friend. Never rely solely or entirely on a girl.

  • Sounds like someone never met a nice girl. There will be a girl who won't be like that. Believe me buddy. Not all girls are bad. But also give uuself some time too.. Good idea

    • I'll admit that I'm generalizing females. But, every female that I meet either want's nothing to do with me or just want's me for my money and/or influence.

    • Then use that to your advantage.

    • Look buddy i can see that u have lost faith on girls but please dont. Not all girls are bad. Lets say the ones u met were not good or maybe u get the wrong kind always. I think u should give urself some good time and care and wait for a special girl. She will come to ur life now or later and she will be the best thing thing happening to u. Dont give up hope. Never give up bro. And if u need some other help u can ask me ok.

  • Hmmm.. you need to understand girls more and what they like.
    I will try to explain you
    1. if once they started loving that will be so deep- you have to CSH it.
    2. they like money-prove it that you have lots of money.
    3. after some dates start touching them like touching hand and face they likes it.
    4. always hug them.
    simple but chose girls wisely.

    • Yeah, no... however point 2 is valid.

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    • Bobmba78
      I hope your boyfriend bought you in the first date and you never bought him back

    • I don't understand your comment. Bought me? huh?

  • All you need to do is read some damn books about how the female mind works etc. And all females are different just learn how to get game my cousin is gay & i have nothing against them but in the gay community it's very hard to get accepted make wise decisions man

    • Well, I'm not considering going gay if that's what you thought. But, I have read books on social interaction and haven't noticed a change.

  • I don't blame you.