How can I help her?

Okay, im 15, my friend is 16 we're both African american/multiracial but we just consider ourselves black. My best friend of 5 years is OBSESSED with Asian men. She'll see a cute black boy or even white boy and be like "well he's cute but he's not Asian" we both like kpop but i also like American stuff. Not that there's anything wrong with her preferring Asian culture but she wants Asians to notice her. She is a very pretty, smart, thin, long legs, beautiful smile/hair but she's like scaring me with how obsessed she is with Asian culture. She is borderline depressed now because she says she wants an Asian boyfriend but doesn't think they'd think she's pretty because she's black which i think is absolutely stupid but no matter what i say she won't listen to me! How can i get her an Asian boyfriend so she can calm down and stop being so sad? she's like a sister to me, when she hurts I hurt too!


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  • it's her preferene i guess... u cannot judge her :)

  • Start making sushi

  • Too try hard

    • yeah i thinkt hats the problem too she just gets mad at me lol

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  • you just have to let time go by. Don't rush into things at all. If you can't find one now, then wait for a later time. Things will work out eventually

    • she's been looking for 2 years now.. wihch is why she's depressed still no luck..

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    • yeah tried telling her that no luck...

    • well i hope that anything else will go ok. good luck!:)