He touch my boobs on our first date?

I know this guy for a while now, he has been trying to date me but I rejected. But he still insist after long time, and yes, now I accept (I wasn't ready for a relationship). On our first date, laste Friday , we were together kissing and he started touching my boobs, I removed his hands. He says he can't control it sometimes.
Well, Saturday we're going on a date again, he says he wants to go to the Cinema with me, do something together, he says he wants to know everything about me, he wants to be with me (that's what make me know that he's not with me for my body)
What do you guys think?

He says he had a bad experience with boobs, because two years ago, he met a girl that never wants her to touch the boobs and later when they where ready for action, the girl doesn't have boobs at all like stone, SHE USED PUSH UP, SILICONE IN IT., that's why he need to touch to make sure I don't trick him.


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  • it is just a males reaction to do the most sexual things, including sexual touching. if you were uncomfortable let him know and if he stops then you know that you have the right guy

    • I've told him to stop, and yes, he did, he's not going to do it no more.

    • He says he doesn't want to loose me, that he didn't want to offend me and make me feel unconfortable.


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  • very rude... seems like he's a hungry wolf ;)

  • he wants to know everything about you so he suggests going to the movies? lol :P

    anyways, just go with your gut. if it don't feel right then do something about it. don't be your own bystander.

    • He says he just want to be with me, he doesn't care about the movie.

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    • ahh I see. do you think his intentions are all in the right place? or nah?

    • Yes, because I talked to him seriously, I was like you stop taht or forget I exist, and he was like, I don't want to loose, I like your ttitue, and personality, etc. Give me the chance to be with you, and be part of your life.

  • He's just in it to hit it.

  • "He has been trying to date me but I rejected."

    Okay, so you're just not that into him. But let me guess... He eventually pressured you into going on a date with him, didn't he?

    "He says he can't control it sometimes."

    LOL. Oh, this guy is SMOOTH.

    "What do you guys think?"

    I think you're wasting his time -- and yours. You're not interested in him, and he's moving too fast for you.

    • I'm interested in him. Is just that I was so busy to think about someone, college, work, etc. SO now i'm free and see,, but yeah, he's going too fast for me, and I've told him.

  • I think he just wants you for your body

    • I though it too. He's wasting his time.

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  • He's gonna try something, just expect it.

    • Yeah I though that. He's wasting his time.

  • My boyf did that on our first date lol, full on hand down my bra, he didn't asking but he didn't think he needed too, they genuinely think that we don't mind and that we like it hahaha. Anyway that was 2yrs ago and i guess it made me unsure at the beginning but I'm still with him now and couldn't imagine not being with him, i really don't think he meant to make you uncomfortable just tell him that for you thats too fast, worked for me

    • Thank you :D I did tell him, and well let me see in the next date.
      That's good for you. Hope it last long more. :D

  • You need to be careful because you never know where you might find his hands next. If you continue to go places with him go somewhere where you know there will be quite a bit of people.

    • Yeah, we always go where people are, we go on the road holding each other, and etc. I always go to public place with him.

    • I mean as long as you let him know that you don't like that and he respects that then he shouldn't be much of a problem.

    • Surely do that. Thank you so much.

  • Tell him that he should learn to control himself, otherwise you won't be able to control your hand when it will land on his face.

    • You're the QUEEN, daaaaaaammmmmm LOL.
      I've done that, and yes, he says he going to stop, he didn't want to offend me or make me feel unconfortable, that he doesn't want to loose me (because I told him that if he don't stop, I will never date him again) and yeah.