Is she still dateable?

The girl I really like is super awsome love all her qualities. She been through some rough stuff but I'm willing to show her that not all dudes are bad. One thing that seems to bother her is her weight. She told me what she weighs I'm gonna say it but she's army insecure about it. She's trying to loose weight now. How do I tell her I don't mind her wieight. Part of the problem of her wieght is it is how she delt with all the crap she's been through. But how do I help her loose it I mean how to encourage her to loose it without sounding like a pig. Cause I don't mind her wieght I just think she would be more comfortable if she lost it.. all that matters is her personality And qualities. Need opinions y'all.


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  • Just tell her that you like her body how it is!


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  • Tell her that you like her as who she is, that her weight doesn't both you. But tell her that if she does want to lose weight and if that would make her feel better about herself, you will support her 100%.


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  • just tell u don't mind bout weight

    she'll appreciate it!