I am scared to kiss?

so i am finally together with the guy i always liked and i love him so much... i am super scared to kiss because i dont know how it works and i was really scared. and today we tried it a few times but i got super nervous and scared and I don't know.
anyone have tipps? and dont say it comes all naturaly because if that worked with me today i wouldn't have a problem then -.- i feel so bad :(



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  • Just do it.
    Make sure your lips are hydrated and your breath is decent.
    Go. in for the kiss with your lips relaxed and semi parted. Not open, and not shut firmly.
    Just soft.
    You can usually go. for his bottom lip, and suck on it gently, then he'll probably lead it from there.
    Its way easier than you think, I promise.


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  • there r kissin videos in youtube ;)

  • Relax and let go. Kissing is best when it is passionate and out of control.

    If you "clank" teeth or do something silly, laugh it off. Have fun. It's not supposed to be a job.


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  • tip number 1: let it happen naturally, the more you think about all the technicalities surrounding the more likely you are to mess it up. Get out of your head and go with the flow. Start with slow closed-mouth kisses, make sure to follow his lead especially since you are inexperienced. With kissing it's like the moment you try to think about what you are doing you get out of sync with the other person.