I need help, please. I was wondering what I did ruin the chances of her liking me?

So this girl I like I sent her a text message if she wanted to go on a date (she goes to a different school) and she texted yes (she just got out of a nap so she didn't even read it really) two day later we were texting and she told me that she was unhappy that her boyfriend canceled for fifth time, they only been dating for a month. I told that I texted that I wanted to go on a date and she was surprised. So in the end, I still went to dinner and movies with her. Is this bad sign to do?

She my dad friends daughter, she jump at the chance to go to ball with me. That's how I got to really start to like her. My her father told my father that she adores me.


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  • Sorry for being hard on you but she is using you as a back up plan, her current relationship is heading down hill. its really just up to you if you don't mind being with some who sees you as a second choice.

    • Thanks that's make sense, if I wasn't so into her I would leave her to her downhill relationship, God I'm being a loser.

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    • yher i get it life is too crazy as a student i can't watch as much anime as id like because of university as for the america revolution - i know nothing about that. to be honest the UK dose not portray the US in a great way either but i am curious now... i must say that i quite enjoy conversing with you but i have to go now ill inbox you tomorrow mate :D

    • Ok can't wait to hear from you


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  • Yeah this is a fucked up situation. She has a boyfriend, so what you did was not a "date" - unless you are admitting that you two are cheating together.

    • Thanks that what I felt like. Her father was joking to my father that the boyfriend has no chance of keep dating her, the way he is acting towards her

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    • No problem.

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  • good sign... u came successful bro... yay