Girls, she said we are just good friends?

I've been on a few dates with a girl from work, we've held hands, and i've given her a few speck on the cheek. we have been taking it slowly but the next nite out i'm going to kiss her proper as its time. Some of the girls at work have picked up some vibes that she likes me. Tonite i was texting her about running. I said i'd ask my friend in the middle east about running as she does it and not to worry she's taken for with emotication of a winky face. she then says ' ha ha, your grand, i'll speak to my friend about it, sure we're just good friends'. Girls at work tell me she's genuinely interested, i think she is too. is this her way of protecting herself until i make a proper move. I think it is, afterall we haven't kissed properly so technically we aren't going out and i plan us meeting again next weekend. i suppose the last thing i or her want is for the other to think we were an item when we've held hands and cheek kissed. yout thoughts


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  • She is not that into you. Move on.


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  • sounds like more than friends to me!