He asked if I met any guys, does he like me?

Short story-we went out once a few years ago, no sex or anything. It kinda fizzled. then he got married a year later briefly. Then he got divorced.

Now we are talking sometimes. He admitted he is not looking for relationship right now and I told him neither am I. He is very sweet and kind and not sexual although he admitted he was always attracted to me. We are both religious and he is not looking for casual sex, that I know. He is very respectful anad treats me like a lady, not an object. He admitted he wants to get married again in the future one day.

I went away with a group for the weekend. He asked me if I met guys there. He made a joke "my friend X wants to know if you met guys so he can know if he still gets to meet you or not!" (he one time made a joke that his friend wants to meet me, but he was just teasing me, so now it's our ongoing joke that his friend wants to meet me)

So.. since he made that joke that his friend wants to know if I met any guys or am I available (which we both know is a joke) does that mean he is interested on me?


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  • he likes you.


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  • yes... but i'm afraid he might want to compare himself wid others as well...


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  • He is not looking for a relationship right now, therefore he is not interested in being with you.
    As for his behavior overall, it sounds completely friendly to me.