How do you fight the urge to want to ask to see the person your dating when you know you should stick to your guns and wait for them?

I'm dating a guy and the last time I asked to see him he said he couldn't because we was unwell. He hasn't asked to see me since even though he's feeling better now and I'm busy this weekend but I'd really love to see him tomorrow night as that's the only time I'm free but feel like id like him to ask to see me. The urge is getting bigger and bigger to message him but I know I should stick to my guns, I don't want to come across as being needy.. How do I fight this urge? I'm keeping busy now but I know tonight will be the hardest


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  • Do you have other friends you can hang out with? If you want to be naturally unneedy and not clingy then have a life outside your relationship. Usually when people are needy its because they make their life revolve around the relationship. Take it from me when I say have your own friends and your own life.

    • I do I work during the day and go to uni , and have various friends which I see in the evenings that's why the one night I do have free I'd like to see him


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  • distract yourself.