Is it normal to not need a woman in one s life?

I always tell people that as a man I don t need a woman in my life. I can do everything I need through my own work and toil. I cook my own food. I fix my own broken things. I sleep by myself. Supposedly, I am pathetic for living in such a way. Is it true?


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  • I don't think it's pathetic at all.


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  • No. Some people love to live independently without partners. Women do, too. I guess it's just the person's preference wether to live a single life or with their partner!

  • Umm, I wasn't aware that you needed a woman to do all of those things in the first place? Congratulations you're an adult!

    I honestly people should do know how to and practice those things before they get into relationships anyway, as well as having your own things, money, car, job etc. then it becomes less about depending on each other for things and more about enjoying someone else and your time together.

  • No you are not. I feel like ideally it's cool when people can do all of that on their own and take care of themselves. I feel like relationships are for companionship and for when you find someone you want to be around all the time, because you really like them. I don't feel like people should be together because one of them can't do that stuff for themselves. But there are things a boyfriend or girlfriend can do for you that you can't do for yourself, you can't be your own best friend and you can't give yourself the feelings of falling in love.

  • Yes, it's true.


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  • It's not true. Your life is no less valid just because you are single.

  • You don't have to NEED one, the point is to meet one that you prefer being with than not being with. Balance. You don't have to be miserable without a partner to see value in having a partner.

  • Well, no man NEEDS a woman. But in the long run, it is nice to have a companion

    So it's completely normal

  • not normal... but as ong as u are happy... ;)

  • I don't need a woman in my life either, but I want a woman in my life. I like to compare it with video games. You don't need anyone to play, singleplayer games are fun. But it usually a lot more fun to play with two.

  • Yes it's okay. You're a strong independent man who needs no woman.

  • But you are missing afternoons spend in the mall waiting they finish the first half of the first store.

  • It's not normal and you should seek counseling, I think you are living this way because you're angry at women and because you had been rejected many times.

  • I would say it is easier to live without women than it would be for women to live without us. They think they can but logically it wouldn't pan out.

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    Without men society falls apart, literally.

    So besides sex (and procreation), nothing else changes. But scientist have created an mechanical uterus so soon, just sex.
    We have our buddies for companionship and can be ourselves 100% without judgment. I know there will be so many females who take offense by this, which is another thing. Can you just accept some logical information without taking it personal and getting all defensive about it.

    So yes, in short. You can live without women in your life.

  • Yeah, it's normal. Healthy people don't "need" other people. They simply choose to be around them because it's pleasant.