Should I date her again?

I will try to make this as short and sweet as possible.

I was best friends with this kid we will call, "Tom." Two Summers ago, before 8th grade, I went to his house for a Memorial Day party. While I was there, I met his sister (1 year younger than me), "Jackie." Don't ask me how, but I ended up sleeping over and shared a bed with her. We didn't have sex or anything, because we were too young at the time. The main thing is, we fell in love that night. We continued to have a "thing" all the way up until late December. I asked her out after school, the Friday before Christmas, and she rejected me. Fast forward 3 months later, we started texting, and once again we both said we fell for eachother again. When my best friend (her brother) saw the texts, he blocked her number without me knowing. I continued to text her wondering why I never got a response. This continued throughout the whole summer until one day, her best friend said she was madly in love with me. I told her best friend that she never responded to my texts, and that's when I found out her brother blocked me. For the 3rd time, we had a "thing." Keep in mind we have never dated. This "thing" lasted up until October, until she lost interest in me. I don't know what instigated it, but we started having ANOTHER "thing" in January for literally two weeks. During those two weeks, I decided to really get serious about my intentions with her, and invited her to go see a movie with two of my friends, and it would be like a double date. She told me she didn't know either of the two people so it'd be awkward if she went. Keep in mind this whole time she was still expressing complete interest in me. So then the following weekend I invited her to our local county fair (amusement rides, food, you know the deal), and she told me she was going with two of her friends and I should go too.

I decided if she doesn't want to meet two of my friends, why should I meet hers? Also, if she really wanted me to go, she would at least check up on me and see if I'm still interested, right? She never ended up texting me again, until the following week when she asked what Instagram photo she looks the best in. I decided to end things there and told her we never see each other in real life and we need to really end things for good. Now her best friend says she's in to me again. What should I do?


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  • guess u r the guy from before... anyway as i told u, u should accept da invitation

    • Thank you. Your opinion means a lot


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  • go for it.


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  • Wow that is definitely a very short description and to the point as well. What have you got to lose? If it's pride you're worry about, most people lost that a long time ago

    • Your sarcasm XD. Thank you for reading

  • Lol that's short and to the point? Anyway go for it

    • I apologize for this. My train of thought kept going