Spending more alone time together?

This guy I've been involved with recently has been wanting to spend more time alone together. We usaully hang out with our friends but lately he's been wanting it to be just us. He'll constantly ask what am I doing and what do I want to do. He'll even make time for me. Oddly, he recently wanted to spend time together on a Sunday morning. We've already had sex so I don't think it's a matter of trying to get in my pants. I just thought he only wanted to be friends, but his actions show otherwise. Allso, I don't want it to seem as though we don't get enough privacy when we do want to have sex. That's not a problem. However, we do live some time away from one another.

He's been the one suggesting spending more alone time together and breaking away from the group.
I'm not really asking if we should spend more time together. I guess I'm asking if him wanting to spend more time together may mean something


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  • hmmm did u suggest this to him?

    • I haven't suggested spending more time alone because I thought he just wanted a friendship. Normally when we get together, we hang out with his friends and mine since we're all pretty cool. Lately though, he's been wanting it to be just he and I. He'll try to branch off, just us two. He reached out to me recently wanting the two of us to hang out one morning.


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  • I donno u be the judge of ur life!


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  • might be hard to do if you live far.