I stopped texting her for almost a month. Would it look weird if I added her on Facebook out of the blue?

Two years ago I met a girl through a mutual friend ago at a party but didn't get her number because she was sending me mixed signals. Last month I ran into her at the baby shower of the same mutual friend that introduced us and we had a much better 1-on-1 intereaction. She could only stay for a bit, but on her way out she suggested that we exchanged contacts and asked me for my number. After exchanging numbers, I suggested that we get a coffee sometime and she said yes. I've tried to set up a date 2-3 times over the course of two weeks, but nothing ever happened since she was busy with work and an upcoming trip, and couldn't commit to a meeting. Maybe it was bad timing, but I stopped texting her since she wasn't initating and wouldn't give me counter offers/alternate dates to meet. She would also be late with texting back for the most part, or not text back at all, but would apolgize profusely and give me medium - long responses each time, even though I would always play it cool and never brought up the late texting/no reply. I haven't contacted her in almost a month and wanted to know if it would look creepy/weird if I added her on Facebook out of the blue. We have the same mutual friend on there, so it's not like I went out of my way to find her.

What do you guys think?


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  • its not weird.


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  • Are you going to talk to her if she accepts your request?

    • If I felt the urge or had something valuable to comment on something she posts, yea.

  • I think it's fine adding her. She seems like she has a pretty busy lifestyle which could explain why she couldn't go on dates or took a while replying.

    • Thanks. I hope that by adding her it'll hopefully led to re-sparking conversations.

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  • yes... better w8 a little bit more

    • How long do you suggest? She's very beautiful and so I think that there may be a chance that she's playing hard to get or maybe she is used to the man always initiating.

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    • On Facebook it's just that one friend that introduced us.

    • only 1?

      tsk bro... tsk 8)