Why would he act like this and not follow through? Is he just extremely shy?

Long story short, the guy that I'm seeing asked me out 3 month ago after I confronted him on his feelings about me (after 6 long months of him giving me mixed signals). Essentially, he liked me but never made a move to ask me out or do anything other than say hi and offer me a ride home. After he asked me out, we started to hang out more and it was getting better but now i feel like we're back at square one. He's introduced me as his girlfriend to his friends and his older sister (didnt meet parents yet), he pays for me when we go out sometimes, invited me to a formal event, and recently invited me over to his house. He's helped me move into my student house, and when we hang out it's usually over 5+ hours. But we were busy with school/work, so i saw him once a week but now that it's summer i barely see him. We both work, he's full time and im nights... and i feel like im always the one making plans or saying hi. But I barely do it now, and we generally see each other once a week or sometimes after two weeks. And we live near each other.

I'm his first girlfriend, and i've talked to him about it but all he did was say sorry profusely. Even if you're that shy, wouldn't you want to spend time with the person you like (and spent a good chunk of the year going after?) I'm confused.


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  • if he's extremely shyhave u ever tried make him to open-up to u?

    • What do you mean? There have been a few times where i've asked how he feels about the relationship or if there's anything he'd like to talk about and he would just say that he's happy or that he likes it. If i ask him, he answers.

    • that's good then!

    • But even if he says that, i don't feel like i'm in a relationship with him. I feel like we're more friends than anything who kiss sometimes. I've asked him and he knows it's an issue with me, and is still the same...

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  • He's overly apologizing, so he is probably doubting himself. Seems like he doesn't believe you actually like him.

    • I feel like he doesn't like me with how he is acting lol. I'm the one that's asking him to hang out at least once a week, and if not i message him saying hey once every few days. I was the one that asked him how he felt about me, and he was the one that kissed me first. I dont get him.

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    • I've told him about my problems, or whatever is stressing me out at work. And he listens quite well and will offer some input. But he works with his dad, and lives a pretty simple life. There's no drama, his family isn't struggling, and he's always calm.

    • You might just have to ask him straight up if he still has feelings for you.

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