Should I be worried?

I have been talking to this guy for almost three months and in the beginning I saw him more than I do know. The reason because he is taking summer classes and they are quicker pace and a lot of homework and that what he was been doing and spending time with his son, which he gets him Thursday through Sunday. My close friend said that he should want to see you more because Monday I hung out with him and that was the first time in four weeks since the spring semester ended he said he just been busy with school, his son and spending time with his family, which I understand because they are important they come first when me and him hung out he even mention about he needs to manage his time and I'm starting to see that he has a routine and he doesn't know how to manage his time with me in it, like when we hang out its like spare the moment out of nowhere he ask me to hang out because he doesn't plan. Also one for my friend said I am settling and I don't know if I am when she said that I have been overthinking if I am or not I like him a lot when me and him are together we can talk about everything and when we talk over the phone but I know if I should go with flow and stop overthinking or If I am really settling. I'm not going to lie I want to see him more when me and him hung out Monday I mention that to him that I want to see him more and he okay and then he starting talking about doing things this summer that involve me and him and possibly his son as well since I have already meet his son. So things is I just need someone opinion does it seem like I am settling if I am what should I do or if I am not and just overthinking what should I do? If it matter he is 33 and I am 24.


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  • so r u gonna ask him when he's available again?


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  • nah dont worry about it.