How to go about trying to reconnect with a group of girls I meet at restaurant they worked at last summer?

i meet these younger women who worked at a restaurant for the summer last year , most were interesting , good looking and fun to be around. then summer ended and i didn't see them for a while , was at restaurant again last weekend and noticed a couple of them appeared to be back at work for the summer . but it had been a while since i talked to them so didn't know what to say and just talked to the one at outdoor bar where she was working. . i'm just not sure how to try and reconnect with them or if too much time has pasted and they've moved on. but then there still here and i'm here so maybe things can return to how they were before when we hung out and such


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  • just act the same way you did before.

    • that was sort of the problem though , a couple of the girls got annoyed about what happened at the bar some nights , although some others got along with me fairly well. its a pricey place so don't want to just throw money at them or buy expensive drinks just so I can talk to them there

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  • do u have any fb, Skype of these gals or nah?

    • I tried to add one to twitter but she had it set up that you needed her to approve request and that was after summer ended last year and I never heard back from her , I did add another of the girls to twitter but she is like never one anyways so not a way to even communicate with her

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