Why is he suddenly distant?

I've been seeing this guy for 3 months. We still hung out a lot after we had sex, so I know that's not it. He has cooked for me, taken me out to dinner, talks about deep subjects, and seems like he always wants to be close to me. A few weeks ago he even offered his place for me to stay for a month while I'm working closer to him. All of sudden, he's stopped making an effort in the last week. I asked if anything was wrong and he said no, but I feel like he would try to see me if he really wanted to. I thought maybe he could be mad at me, but I'm just not sure because he said everything is fine. Is he afraid of things getting more serious? It's just weird for him to be so short with me and not make any effort.


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  • mybe he wants u to chase hum back?


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  • guys do that a lot.