Should I just tell him how I feel?

So I have a guy friend, whom I really, REALLY like. I'm not sure if he feels the same way, but he always does favours for me, hugs me a lot, looks genuinely happy to see me, and once when we got drunk he admitted he wanted a relationship but could never find a girl who wanted one. (we are at college so basically everyone just wants to hookup, not actual relationships). We NEARLY kissed, or so I've been told. (can't remember, sounds terrible, but yeah, haha).
Anyways! People around me are saying things like 'ooh, that's cute' and 'you guys are cute together!' but I am SUPER paranoid he's just being a nice friend. Supposedly he needs to tell me something but only when I'm alone, I'm a bit nervous!
Should I honestly just tell him how I feel? Or just leave it and see what happens? I don't want to ruin a good friendship, but at the same time, he should probably know, right?
Thoughts? Oh, and HOW should I tell him? Done it before heaps of times only to get rejected every single time =/


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  • just tell him.


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  • Don't tell him anything. Kiss him. If he's receptive to that, he has feelings for you as well.


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  • flirt with him and touch him and he'll get the feelings