Should I be Concern?

I have been talking to this guy for almost three months and he has a son. Well on facebook I am following the mother of his child and yesterday she post a cute picture of her and her son and now I am thinking right when the guy I am talking to is going to fall in love with her again. I don't why I think that maybe because the picture is so cute and she got has 62 likes on the picture and I know he will like the picture but I don't know if it will because he think his son looks cute or what. I know this might seem like I am weird and I could be just having a moment but I don't know. I just advice on this.


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  • I think you are just being insecure. If they are separated then they have some solid reason behind it. On the other hand sometimes a child can bring his/her parents together despite all the odds. Look for the reason of their separation. If its tough to beat those then you are in for treat.

  • If she's still involved, I wouldn't get involved, too much drama


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