Best memories of your first date with your partner?


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  • I was in summer camp. I met this guy on a bus as we were picking up the other campers. Just us two talked and chatted the whole time. We got to hang out during the time. At first i didn't know he was a councilor he was just 2 years older then me. We had to get permission to date or spend time together so that worked. Camp
    was over we made it official after it ended. I spent a weekend at his country house and he was the first guy I ever kissed and make out. All we did was talk about the feature etc . It was hard to end the relationship because I was in on my sophomore year at the boarding school he was at his 1st year of college. that's what summer camp does to yah.


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  • When i took her hand for first time :)
    It was great moment :p


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