Girls, if you found out a guy has recently broken up with someone would you still try to be with him?

I dated this girl twice recently and I think she found out I broke up less than a week before taking her out with a long time girlfriend. I think. Perhaps it's the reason why she's being avoiding me and claiming she's busy even after she said we had a great time together

we also did not kiss after our second date or anything so I dunno if that affected or what

EDIT: No I dont think it's a rebound, but Im scared she thinks so. I really do like her, even before breaking up with my ex


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  • Think it over and if you're sure that you're not using her as rebound then explain to her that your feelings are genuine.

    • I mean I would love to explain it to her, especially if she asked me, but she threw the "im too busy" to me so I haven't heard from her in a while.. Should I call her?

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    • so basically I should contact her again? Im just worried cause she hasn't had the initiative to do so

    • Try contacting her one more time. If she doesn't answer, move on.

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  • Sure, I would, as long has it wasn't a long term relationship.

  • i would give him time.


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  • Thats a rebound isn't it?