Been three weeks since we last talked, no chance?

If it has been three weeks since this girl I dated twice and I talked after she claimed she was busy and would let me know when she could do something. Is she not interested? Even if she claimed she had a great time with me. Or should I talk to her? even if she said she would let me know...

would you want the guy to contact you in that situation?

thanks for the replies!

so I really should try and contact her again? even if she said she would and perhaps is not interested? Has anyone been in that kind of a situation? Or have expected the guy to do so after time has passed?


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  • contact her.


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  • If the mountain dont come to you you will have to go to the mountain

    • haha that's a good way to look at it. I guess Im just scared of looking too needy/losing a friend. So it could just be a case of she not wanting to contact me first?

    • m in the same boat as the poster if the guy do not contact me sorry but I will contact him of course on an normal basis not in a clingy needy stalker way. I text this guy just a hello and how are you like very week or 2 weeks to see what is new to him because I know he won't do it so I will. I feel the same as you that Im scared of looking too needy and maybe he will go away and I dotn want that becaue I really really really like this guy and Im in my 40's

    • wow so guys do it too... It really sucks. Like wouldn't you appreicate more if they just told u they're not into you?

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  • yes man... u should initiate conv now ;)

  • Probably not interested...