What can I do to my dating profile stand out. Why haven't I gotten any responses?

With online does looks matter the most? I think what I had to say was honest and positive but what makes it most appealing? I usually just say I like what their profile says, I think they are interesting and would enjoy finding out more about them. How can say the same thing but in a more attractive way?


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  • Instead of saying that you would enjoy finding out more about them, ask them a question based on her interests. She writes "I love to travel" ask her "what is your favorite place you've visited?" Or "where would you like to go next?" "I'd like to get to know you" is such a hard thing to respond to because there is so much that makes up who a person is, so if you ask them more specific questions about themselves then you are more likely to get the responses you are looking for.
    Best of luck! :)

    • I usually ask then to tell me if they are interested. But I'll give that a try.

    • If I got 2 messages from guys who are similar (in looks, career, interest, etc.) but one said "I see you love scary movies, what's the best one you've seen recently?" And one that said "you seem interesting message me back if you feel the same" 100% of the time I would answer the first guy, and I might go to the other guys page and see that we have things in common but it really depends on how I feel. Saying more than just "I'm interested" says you read their profile and here is something you both have in common. I hope this helps


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  • Most of the time dating apps are all about looks so that should give you a clue on why your not gaining much attention.

    That goes for Tinder, POF, and okCUPID

  • change your picture.

    • What if I'm not very photogenic

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