What did it all mean?

I met this guy online 6 months ago. We hit it off right from the moment we met. We texted everyday and saw each other 3-4 times a week. He told his family about me. I met his friends. He told me that I was what was happy in his life and that he saw us married one day. Then after 5 months he started getting distant. I texted and called but I didn't get a response until a day later saying I'm sorry. I'm under a lot of pressure. I'm being a piece of poop friend right now. I told him I was sorry he was going through all that and I'd be here for him. No response for days after that. He didn't want to spend his birthday with me. We saw each other once a week after that then now about a month since I've seen him. I would get random texts but it was always short and had no meaning. I told him how I felt yesterday through text and now no response. What was I to him all this time? I'm really sad, hurt, disappointed, and now even mad.


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  • Sorry to say, but it sounds like a classic brush off. I wish guys and girls would just come out with it and say, "Sorry, it's not working for me". It would save one heck of a load of grief and heartache!

    I think you should start to look for another guy. The last few months must have been bad for you. It always starts with a change of behaviour. As soon as someone starts getting distant, that's it. Time for you to pull the plug and move on. I know that hurts, but it's the quickest route back to a normal relationship.

    Take care, stay safe!!

    • Thanks for the insight. I feel dumb now. Probably won't be able to find another guy anytime soon since I've built my guard up after him.

    • Just take it day by day. If you meet another guy, don't dismiss him straight away. Get to know him a little at a time. Just see how it goes. Even if you had not been hurt, it takes time to build up trust. It always has to be earned. It is never given without considerable thought.
      Don't be too hard on yourself. There is always the thought is situations like this that it is all going to be better tomorrow. Sadly that tomorrow rarely comes.


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  • short texts r not a good sign... guess he;s not much into u now

  • Sounds like he is stringing you along.

    • Too bad I found out too late...

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  • he was just playing you.