Guy texts me constantly and wants to meet up all the time. Is he in love with me?

I basically went on a date the other day (2 days ago) and the guy seemed really nice. I was attracted to him and we decided we would meet again. However, since that day he's constantly been texting me good morning and goodnight, sending several texts throughout the day and photos of what he's doing and cooking. He was asking me when we would meet up again and I said I wouldn't have time to meet over the weekend, but suggested Monday.

He got really upset about the fact that I wasn't able to meet during the weekend and has since then asked me several times if I please couldn't see him before that time. I know I probably shouldn't be complaining and that it's sweet to a certain extent, but for some reason I feel like he's a bit too clingy.

Is he in love with me or something like that?


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  • If you feel creeped out, one of the hardest things to do sometimes is get that across to the other person. It is important, especially in the beginning of a relationship (whatever you guys are) to set boundaries. so if you feel like you telling him no and him pushing is overstepping the boundary let him know, other wise the problem will still occur.
    Another thing, he could just really wanna bang. a hit and quit, make him wait, if he can't you know exactly why he's there then. if the man can wait then having sex probably wasn't priority to him anyway.

    • He hasn't actually said anything of a sexual nature at all, so I'm not sure whether that's what he wants. He brought up being exclusive and being bf/gf on our first date.


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  • He's probably really into you, but seems clingy/inexperienced with dating.


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  • He might be.

    • A bit quick after just one date haha :D