Lose Interest... Very quickly?

Okay so , im 15 , & I've been talking to this guy RECENTLY (like we started last thursday) & he is soo sweet & really just different from any guy uve met. In the morning he says "Goodmorning beautiful 😘" & he just says all the right things 😍 Today i was supposed to go meet him in person for the first time , & as i sat there at the bus stop waiting... i literally felt whatever feelings i had for him going away. So i got up & went home. I texted him & told him im not coming, he got mad to the point where he didn't want me to even explain why. I told him a brief summary of how i lose feelings fast. I feel like such a horrible person. He is such a sweet guy. I haven't been able to catch feelings and hold onto them for more than a week since the end of my 7th grade year (9th grade now) & i hate that about myself. Im a hopeless romantic , that can't even engage in romance... BACKROUND INFO ; My biological dad is a diagnosed sociopath w/ pyschopathic tendencies. I have never met him , but i have talked on the phone w/ him. What could be wrong w/ me?

& yes its interent , he is not a fake. i know this bc one of my freinds go to his school & she tells me about him when I've asked.


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  • Assuming you found him on the internet

    Internet dating is no no you cannot love a screen


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  • huh... wot yer iological bdad has to do with it?


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  • I'm almost 20 and there is only one real guy (not imaginary) that I ever was able to stay interested in. (and I couldn't have him! :( ) I think it's because we are hopeless romantics. We are waiting for love and it hasn't come yet. Be patient :) part of the reason you lost your feelings all of a sudden could have been that you fell in love with the idea of him but you were about to meet the real him, who would have been wonderful but maybe not exactly the same person as your daydream.

  • I'm the same exact way. I'm a hopeless romantic and dream of a perfect man (though perfect people do not exist) but I lost interest in people far more quickly than I should.

  • that happens a lot at your age.