Why is my exbf suddenly being nice to me?

We broke up 2 years ago, but we kept in contact over the last 2 years. Several months ago, I started telling him that I still care for him, would like to try again, etc. He'd blow me off, but still feed me breadcrumbs. As it turns out, he was in a rship but did not tell me. When I found out, I cut out contact and moved on. It's been 5 months since our last contact, and now he's sending me nice texts randomnly. Maybe he found out i now have a boyfriend and is throwing me breadcrumbs? He is still living with his girlfriend, so it's not like he suddenly single and lonely. I asked him why he's suddenly being nice and he said "because". Himmm. Maybe he feels bad for being a jerk? I can't figure it out.


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  • guess it's a hint that he wants 2 get back 2 u :)

    • He is still living with his girlfriend

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    • When I found out he had a girlfriend, he said they are not serious and haven't had sex in ages. Yet, she lives with him. And she goes with him to his big work events - I know this bc I've stslked Her Fb page. So, not sure what he wants from me. He knows I won't give him sex. Not sure if he's lying about he and her not having wed in ages, but if it's true, why stay with them?

    • maybe he wants jsut friends?


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  • Maybe he likes u to again

  • Why do people stay in touch with exes? smh

    • I've known him since we were toddlers, but we didn't begin dating until our 30s

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  • he wants you back.

    • He's living with his girlfriend