Why are emotions so difficult? How do I get this guy to like me?

I like this guy so much and I have for years, but I'm the shy introvert and I've always been to scared to actually talk to him. Now we're good friends. I see him a couple times a week. Today I got so scared when I saw him that I just didn't talk to him at all. I love talking to him, it's just sometimes I don't know what to say. I didn't even say hi. I knew he was staring at me but I didn't speak up. Sometimes I think he likes me and sometimes I don't. I feel like I always overthink everything. I just want him to like me but I don't know how to let him know that I like him without it backfiring in my face. People and emotions are difficult.


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  • Just calm down and go with the flow. If he isn't taking any initiative, maybe just go ahead by hugging him or taking his hand. He will definitively notice you are getting closer to him.

    Many guys just fear rejection so if you just open up just a little bit, just to let him know, I think things will work out. Just go for a walk at the park and try getting closer with hugs and touches time by time.

    Eventually it will become your boyfriend, go for it!


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  • maybe he's shy expressin his emotions then?

    • He's not really the shy type. He's the kind of guy who knows everybody.

  • I'd guess that he likes you based off the limited information you gave. You should invite him to dinner.

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  • you need to stop overthinking.