Is it meant to be met a beauty from the past?

hey everybody how is your day going so today i met this most beautiful black military woman i was at a navy yard due to my job lol so um i noticed she was walking and looking out at the water and boats. well i was lost so i approached her in order to ask her directions since she works there so um i didn't know she was this beautiful but when she turned around i felt like my heart is in a vice like it was skipping beats lol she has a nice body very cute face but strong characteristics about her and a really funny and serious personality. so i was like how my names Chris im looking for a Ms Murphy she's not married or nothing and she was like really... well im Ms murphy so i was like yes i came here personal from nyc to deliver you this item as well some honories she. looked at me for about 1 minute before saying anything lol i started blushing and i decided to ask hey um is there a problem. she no but you , you remind me of someone I don't know and she asked my last name i told her she asked what hs and college i went to i told her she said wow you blossumed like i thought you would but she whispered it and i was like huh and she told me her full name and reminded me of who she was so i thought for 2 minutes and remembered lol we use to be biology partners , partners for physiology we use to study a lot but i never thought she was in a way in love with me i was so focused on school i didn't know so my heart melted and i was like kiara she said yes.. she walked to me slowly because we where literally 10ft apart when she arrived in front of me she pulled me in by my waist andi hugged her and she looked up at me and i couldnt help it but i kissed her and me slow kissed for 3minutes it felt magical but i remembered by i came and i reminded her she kept blushing lol so i invited her out before i left town again and she asked me to stay and i was like next but we made plans for the weekend it was a great moment its like missed her like my whole life i was waiting for her I don't know lol

also sorry i was just so happy i didn't put any punctuations so please dont judge me


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  • I think it's dangerous to believe that our lives are predetermined and that there are mystical implications to our actions and decisions. It removes the element of hard work from a relationship - relationships DO take work. It's not always going to be sunshine and roses.

    • you are completely rite but this woman knew me since actually before hs and some way we kept being at the same schools some how I don't know but... it happened and me i was always in the books so i never knew whenever anybody was into me because education was instilled in me since very young i never had time for playing nor relationships even though i dated a lot but they always cheated on me or left me cause i was never emotionally there but this is different we end up getting to each other some way and its weird I don't know

    • It's certainly romantic. I just don't think it's healthy to get caught in the "soul mates" trap.

    • yeah i know what you mean but its just the title but the coincidence is what has me really thinking you know even after the years of not seeing each other she's not changed emotionally towards me she still felt it , the look she gave me was I don't know i froze when she looked at me i looked at her straight in her eyes she was teary eyed so she felt something I don't know its hard for me to read women its weird


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  • Oh my god this is so perfect. is this real, I really want this to happen to me with a guy I've always wanted :(

    • yea but i haven't seen her in over a while she changed physically so i didn't recognize her. if its meant to be it will and i hope he does find you everybody deserves to be happy

  • its meant to be!


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  • if u are a single guy now... i don't see anything wrong here man ;)