When will shorter guy/taller women couples ever become an equally accepted social norm in our society and people care less by this trait?

When will height ever no longer beccome the key trait of a black and white judgement as to dating a guy who's short or shorter than the woman and vice versa? Whether by judging other couples, not just celeberties but say your friends, family or any shorter male/taller female dates or couples you spot down the street or with your own personal dating/love life choices? I know there are some short guys who take rejection to extremes but not all of us do. We are humans and just as capable and yet why should we love someone primarily for their height. It should be about personality. Short guys can be just as great as tall guys in every way , I know some short guys can take aggression too far but so can tall men as well and it doesn't mean it should be labelled the same for all short people. We are still individuals we are human and just as capable of givng love, strength and protection and having great outgoing personalities and be a great laugh and as socialable being as anyone else can be and surely you should love someone for the person they are, not just becausee they're tall or short. It's not about forcing you to like what your not attracted to, you like what you like but encouraging to be more open about it and attraction to what can be controlled. You never know what you could miss out on especially when it's something we have no control over. We should ignore society rules' and listen to our own believes and be more open about who we date? Old dating rules surely should be outdated b now that we should move on with this whole lookism. DO you agree? Can we make a new generation of strong acceptance for all heights in both genders in the dating world? Even shorter guys?

I'm not saying this because I'm insecure or hate myself, I love myself for who I am and I have a loving family and great frineds but just no luck or confidence in the dating world and I will like any person for who they are regardless of gender or how


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  • I agree that the unwritten social rules that girls can't/shouldn't date shorter guys is dumb. I think what we need is a celebrity power couple with a taller girl/shorter guy to make the dynamic more common in the celebrity world. Having said that, this kind of standard will always exist in some people's mind so we can't change it completely


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  • When people actually mature


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  • i accept em bro... i like those couples actually ;)