Do people understand how dumb they sound sometimes with the things they say?

There is something that has been bothering me for a long time. I see some people say dumb shit. It's mostly people who are hypocrites and who are just so jealous of other people.

my cousin and her best friend are a huge example. They talk so much shit about CERTAIN girls, especially the ones who get male attention. My cousin was telling me this girl I use to be friends with was a whore and weird because she was at the bar on a Tuesday. Mean while my cousin was there on the same day with her best friend. So I don't really get why some people act this way. My cousin also has a lot of hate from me and criticizes a lot of shit I do.


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  • "I see some people say dumb shit." lel

    • I don't know why I added that my bad
      It sounds stupid

    • I ain't tryin' to pick u apart grammatically. I just thought that was funny. I agree with what you're sayin. I was listening to these two girls on a night bus a few years ago, it was a hot and humid night and they said to one another.. "if people shut them windows the fucking air conditioning would work and it would be more colder, people is fick!" Although they were kinda right, the way they said it made me laugh.

    • What does that have to do with my question if they were right?


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  • hahahahh no... coz dumb people cannot realise about wot they say :p


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  • Some of them do. They just don't care. As for people gossiping... almost everyone does it.