How should I approach this guy I find attractive?

So there's this guy I find really attractive. He works at a movie theatre. And I really want to talk to him. He's a manager or something since he's always suited and booted. I go to the movies quite often and he always smiles at me. He said hello to me the other day, and I was like "heyyyyy". I got extremely happy, but anyone would say hello lol. I could've initiated a conversation but chickened out. There's no place else I see him except the movie theatre. What should I do?

Anyone else wanna give suggestions?


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  • do u have any clear signs he may like u back? ;)

    • I'm not sure lol. He smiles at me all the time but that doesn't mean he likes me :/ I just want to engage in conversation. Oh and I also know we went to the same university because I've seen him around quite a few times with a bookbag. But now his face is always on my mind lol

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  • talk to him while you are there, see if you have something in common, or ask about what movies he suggests that are playing

  • Maybe you could ask him what movies he likes the best. He probably seen them since he works there. That could be a conversation starter. First, say Hi to him, and then as soon as he replies just ask him that question. And you guys could go on from there. If he hasn't seen any movies so far don't get too nervous. Just tell him what movie you're going to see that day and give him updates about it after you're done watching it. And then as I said before, you go on from there.