Is it rude not to respond if your partner texts you "Good luck" ?

It's not exactly worth getting upset about , but it's a little annoying. My partner is out of town for a competition for a GPS based phone game. He texted "good morning gorgeous" at 7am and that he was up early getting ready. When I woke up at ten, I responded ,"Good luck (his nickname)." I know the whole sign in process started at nine, but the competition didn't start until noon. There were plenty of breaks, I know because some friends of ours who are also participating posted pics on the website. He usually answers with at least a "Thanks" and it feels kind of rude that he ignored my message. Not enough to confront him and make a big stink but still annoying. What would you think? Would you not give it much of a thought or feel a little ignored?


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  • I dont know if he ignored u. This happens just a few times with my boyfriend, cause he's busy or has just more to think about than just me. I sometimes go oh he could have said something back. But I get it. He doesn't do it on purpose. Just dont worry urself too much about it. didn't he text u good morning beautiful? He could have just not texted anything since its clearly a busy important day for him. He seems like a great boyfriend. Dont overthink it. Keep things ligh. Life is not perfect. Just appreciate each other for who u are and forgive the little (not serious) mistakes. An advice from a fussu person to another apparently fussy person :)


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  • I wouldn't worry about it

  • just a "thanks" is ok i assume


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