Do I not kiss him back when he tries?

For the last five months, I've been hooking up with my best friend's brother. In the begining we went out on a few dates (he had asked me out and was very persitent and this was after we already slept together), when I was home for the holidays for 2 weeks, but I was away at school after so our relationship was just super casual and we'd basically just hook up when we saw eachother and we talked a couple times a week. But now I'm back in town and Im living with his sister so I see him all the time, since he's close. I have started to get feelings for him and I do like him, and care about him. He told me he thinks Im a cool girl to hang out with and that we really hit it off. I want to stop being just a casual hook up thing with him though because I dont want to continue just hooking up and getting hurt in the end. I'm not exactly sure how he feels about me either.. I want him to take me more seriously but I don't know if he will since we have already slept together:( But I have stopped sleeping with him currently but he'll always iniatate kissing me when were drinking or even just when were alone hanging out. We both kinda are shy around eachother and I guess I would also be to blame because I dont really show him interest when were together (Ie im not very touchy or flirty with him, but he's not either? Maybe I should be more? I feel he might be a bit shy?) But when were in a group of people he gets quiet with me and barely looks at me, unless he's had a lot to drink then he'll kiss me infront of everyone hold my hand etc. But he'll always still do things like sit right next to me. But he hasn't really asked to hangout just us two, he did a couple weeks ago and offered to drive me home so we could be alone and kissed me on the drive home. I don't want it to turn into just drunk hooking up. Anyways I'm seeing him tonight because his sister has invited him out with us. I did tell him last weekend I liked him when I was drunk... I know he's going to try to kiss me.. should I just not kiss him back? do I bring up that I don't just want to be hooking up? We're going to be drinking so Im not sure what to do?

or should I be just flirty with him all night not kiss him?


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  • Yeah kiss him and everything

    • And condense always condense

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    • sorry lol lots of detail

    • Its ok i am just bein bad! And u took it good u have a great nite and by all means kiss the dude. So what about u living with sis


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  • uh-oh... as i told u refuse if u don't want 2 kiss him back ;)

    • obviously I want to kiss him but I dont know if I should to avoid being hurt

  • whoa wait... do u wanna kiss him?

    if not, refuse!

    • I do want to kiss him, but im over just hooking up drunk

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  • dont kiss him.

  • If you're not into him the don't

    • I am into him, but just dont wanna get hurt