I'm confused about this girl, what are your thoughts? Is she interested or not?

Today I went on a first date with this girl (coffee, 1 hour, she had to go to work) and I think it went well, no awkard silences and she was laughing moat of the time and I got her to talk about herself a lot. Right before the date was over I asked if she wanted to do something next week and she said maybe, since she's really busy like me (which I think is true) and she got all excited when I mentioned hiking, but we never actually planned anything and decided to play it by ear. The thing is though she takes forever to reply back to my texts (it's the evening and she hasn't texted me back since this morning after our date when I said I had a good time and talk soon) and it makes me wonder if she's actually interested or not. She did the same thing before planning our first date (didn't reply back until 2 days later and apologized saying she was busy) She's really hot and cold and it's pretty annoying bc I like her and this makes it difficult to actually get to know her.


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  • She might actually be busy so you can't blame her but nobody is that busy. She can send a text. And I think you should ask her straight away if your annoying her or if it is too much so that you know what the real deal is. You have to talk to her first before planning anything else and see if she is really interested.

    • yea that's my thought too, if you're interested it shouldn't take you days to reply back, I'm going to tease her about it and say "lol you're the slowest texter I know, you're a tough read haha" and see how she takes it. What do you think?

    • Sounds good. Lemme know what happens next.

  • you are overthinking things

    • I overthink everything hahaha

    • it's been a whole day though... no one is that busy. If I can reply back to people within an hour while being a med student who's studying for finals, I don't see how too busy to text back within one day is a legit excuse. I think you're right though, I think it's obvious she's not interested.

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  • You shouldn't worry. Like you said she has a busy life so naturally she'd have to prioritize the things in her life even if she does take WHILE to respond. Plus it hasn't been a full day since she's last responded to you so just be PATIENT. It seems like she's interested in you and you seem interested in her so just chill. But don't "play it by ear". Lead her and actively make plans. Find out when she's free and go hiking.

    • Yea she said she might be free Saturday and she only gets one day off per week. We're both busy so it sucks and I really like this girl, I've never met anyone quite like her before and I don't want to fuck it up, but she's tough to read, because she'll ignore me then text me back with like 5 smiley faces and bunch of hahaha's, I've never had a girl behave like this towards me that's all

    • Playfully call her out on it then if it bothers you that much. Since she's outgoing when she texts reply like, "OMG I didn't know you were a turtle! Haha only took you xxx to respond!"

    • lol no way I'm doing that, that'll be so awkward, I think I'll just call her Tuesday to plan a date and if she doesn't pick up I'll send a text. I wouldn't have to play this game which I hate if she just replied in a timely manner lol.

  • Your putting too much importance on how long she takes to reply, don't over think it... sounds alright mate

    • thanks for your opinion, I know I'm obsessing, I'm trying not to lol