Poll: Latino American Agnostic guy and Pakistani American Muslim girl-- do you think we have a chance?

Different beliefs on religion. Completely different cultures. Different views on physical intimacy. Knowing nothing else about us, would you say we have a chance at any kind of relationship given we have good communication (we do fight but we always make sure to confront and talk about everything), chemistry (when conversing/interacting--as noted by friends), and care a lot for each other. He is the first guy I have ever let my guard down in front of and I am the first to have broken past his facade without ever getting physically intimate with him.

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  • It will be " a tough row to hoe " .
    Even though at first everything is going great, later if/when you have kids it will be exponentially more straining on the relationship.
    Example: If you take the kids to the mosque (and he doesn't go) they'll ask questions and later say things like... "Why do I have to go and dad doesn't?"
    I'm sure you two haven't talked about that stuff yet, but it's worth noting.
    Understand what I mean?


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What Guys Said 2

  • It can work, but not religiously and culturally. Your parents will object plus it's a sin for Muslim women to marry a non Muslim man. Even if you are just dating, that itself is a sin whether the guy is a Muslim or not. Asides from religion and culture, there is always a chance between 2 people

    • Out of curiosity, are you Muslim? If not, where are you getting your information from? You're right about Muslim women being unable to marry non Muslim men, but the reasoning behind it is because during the time period this was first introduced, men usually raised children in whatever religion they practiced. This is the reason why men are allowed to marry women from a different religion and not women. Basically, as long as the children are raised Muslim, it doesn't matter what a spouse's religion is although Islam is preferred. In this case, the guy I like is willing to raise the children under Islam so long as they get the choice to choose what religion they want to practice when they are of age, something I agree with. As far as dating goes-- you're mixing culture with religion. South Asian culture forbids dating and promotes arranged marriages, a ritual that is really rooted in Hinduism. Islam allows dating so long as there are certain rules followed and a third person involved.

    • And just to be specific, when I say South Asian, I mean India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

  • How long have you been in relationship with him? Seems like it's going good till now, but later on the relationship only survives if one makes compromise for other. This means that either you will have to adopt his culture or he'll have to adopt your culture. We humans can be very malleable if we want to.


What Girls Said 2

  • It could work with enough communication. But there is no chance this relationship will go on without fights and disagreements. Also I'm curious why be in a relationship with so much differences? I know your not thinking this far ahead but since relationships can only go in two ways breaking up or marriage/long term cohabitation. How will this relationship work out when it comes to marriage are your families open-minded? What will you teach your kids when it comes to religion? Also i'm pretty sure both of your backgrounds have different ways with dealing with nuptial ceremonies. So how will that work? Will you guys combine them or perhaps go with a western wedding as an in between? Or will you guys just decide to break up at some point.

  • Of course it cAn work. Both of u need to be open-minded tho

    • Thanks for the comment girl; I really hope so! :)