Girls, Why would you think a Random dude is Hot looking , but at the same time he looks sexually innocent?

Girls , why would think like that.

Your opinion please.



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  • Yes, its the vibe, like when im talking to this one particular guy and he is super cute and really nice. He tends to separate his conversation and his sexual feelings, so he doesn't even seem like he's after sex. And because i love what he is talking about and he does not appear to be alluding to sex at all, he is attracting me and i start thinking about what I would do to him sexually ;D and then this makes me want to dominate him because he seems so sexually innocent. And then he is absolutely incredible in bed, and still has that really cute feminine touch to him as im on top of him and being rough with him in bed. Best way i can describe it.

    • Thanks:) Can you make out if a Hot guy is sexually innocent without talking to him?

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    • not sure, how do you think you are? are you into casual sex? how was your body language towards her, also what do you look like physically? post your picture and i can probably tell you why

    • People say I am Good-looking... Random girls have told me " I am Hot " and even get attention or tease me. So looks wise I am Not weird but o. k. I am slightly nervous around random girls and a bit defensive at first :)


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  • Because that's just how he looks, the kinda vibe he gives off?

    • Thanks:) So you mean it is NOT the face , but the way he talks or expressions on his face?

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    • LOL thank u I appreciate that but obviously I look worse in real life then xD

    • If you want to hang around , call me on 001 (Toll free) and 24 hours in a day :)

  • Those 2 traits aren't mutually exclusive. You could find the innocent look to be hot.

    • Thanks:) But usually if a girl find a guy sexually innocent she won't see him as a guy she could sleep with but only friends... Right?

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    • She's not sexually attracted to you. She just sees you as a cute, nice, friend type. Just bc a girl thinks you're cute doesn't mean she's going to bang you or wants to. I'm sure there are girls you are friends with that you wouldn't want to have sex with. Same thing.

    • Thanks:) I mean if I find a girl good-looking I would be sexually attracted to her. I have friends who are cute and I am sexually attracted to them... so I don't get it?