I just texted her to get the ball rolling but it was kinda awkward. Any tips for texting since I can't talk to her for a while?

Get settled in because I get really long winded here:
So I met a girl at the beginning of last school year (9th grade) and have kind of had a crush on her since. I'm really quiet and don't really talk to anyone outside of my circle of friends. I don't talk to her at all because I just couldn't get the courage to do it. (Which I now regret) I just had a really good talk with one of my closest friends and I decided I would go for it. The only problem now is that the (10th grade) school year is over and I can't actually talk to her. I don't have her phone number so I reached her by Facebook message, (I've been friends with her on Facebook for some time) but I think it was kind of awkward because I just messaged her out of the blue even though I never talk to her anyways. It went something like this: (keep in mind that I have no social skills whatsoever and the last time I actually talked to her was after a classmate rolled his car at a party last year and I made sure everyone was ok)
- Me:
Hey, what's up?

- Her
Not much, You?

- Me
Just watching family guy. I'm at my grandparents cabin. Did you go to [misc classmate]'s house after work on Friday? I thought people were - going there after [friend]'s party

- Her
No, I didn't go to [misc classmate]'s. How's family guy?

- Me
Funny as always. Stewie is taking steroids and he's crazy buff haha. So how's your first few days of summer been?

- Her
Pretty good. You?

- Me
Fine. Kinda wanted to stay home because school just ended but I'm staying at my grandmas house for a while. Good to see them at least.

The conversation died there and it's been several hours now. I think she knows I like her because I've admitted it to a few people and they might have told her. Anyway, I really want to talk to her now, but I don't know if texting/Facebook message is the best thing to do. I won't have my license until

So I'm helping my friend set up the party, and I won't have my license by the time we have it. I invited her to the party two days ago but I haven't gotten a response. I sent the invited her and then the next day I asked if she could go because I wanted to know how many people were going. She hasn't replied to either message yet.


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  • you didn't really invite a response with your statement. ask her what her plans are for the summer or something like that.. gotta build that rapport before closing the deal lol

  • facebook message is good.


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