Can a bad first kiss turned him off completely?

I need your opinion. Last week I unexpectedly went out with the guy I like. Through the evening he was showing a lot of interest. When we said goodbye he said we should see each other next week and that I should call him when I will have time. Then he showed me to kiss him on a chick. I did that and it turned into a kiss on the lips. Here is the problem. The kiss was okay, gentle but there was just a little tongue involved. When I tried to add some spice I bite him but he did'nt respond... in general, the kiss wasn't that good as it should be in my mind and as I am used to. So, now I'm thinking it over and over again in my head if it was really so bad and if he thinks the same and he won't call me... Can that "bad" kiss really ruin everything? We really had a great time that evening. Should I call him (as he said) or should I wait for his move?


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  • No, it sounds like he likes you so i wouldn't think it would turn him off you. Call him and see what he wants to do about meeting up again.


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  • My first date with a guy had an awkward kiss, but that was only the first time. If he said call him than just call him, talk to him about the kiss and maybe laugh about it a little.