Girls, I'm 25, is it a problem that I dated younger girls? I'm not a pervert trust me but all my girlfriends have been between 15-18?

I was 20, she was 15 going
I was 20 at the time, she was 15 going on 16, anyways its doesn't matter, i have a good full-time job, a house and no where near a sexual predator or anything like that, I seeing someone now who is 19, i drove in head first to this question, my fault for thinking out loud


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  • I think you shouldn't be dating anyone under the age of 18, because truthfully I don't know what you could have in common with a 15 year old- you two are at different points in your life, and no matter how mature they seem, perhaps reflect on what they can give you that someone 18+ can't. I met my S/O when I was 18 he was 25, it was tough because we were wanting different things, I thought it was cool to date someone older, then I got into my 20's and we're still together more on the same page.


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  • 15? Yeah that's an issue there.

  • 18 and over it is between adults and is fine.
    If an individual is under 18 they should and (in Canada) it is only legal for them to date/sex if it is with someone who is 1-2 years ether older or younger then they are!

    otherwise the age gap and body/mind development is just too different.

  • I would say yes, you do have a problem & yes you are a pervert. You are an adult, those are kids, grow up!

  • im not a pervert i just date underage kids... yeah sure buddy you can think that if you like but under 18 IS a big problem, you are an adult and you are mature enough to know better.