Hot and cold guy, what does he even want?

We hung out before (haven't had sex but did kiss and stuff), we are good friends and talk regulary. he asked me if I have time this week to hang out at his place, watch movies etc and I said yes and what day is he thinking. he said when it will work for both of us.

today, i texted saying that i'm free tomorrow and can come over if that works for him. he didn't reply for 5 hours but has seen the message (becuase i texted via messenger - we text there regulary just cause it's cheaper than text).

What does he want? why even bother inviting me over if you're not going to follow throguh?


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  • Maybe he doesn't know how 2 respond back actually?

    • what do you mean? i just expected either "yeah, i'm free, see you tomorrow" or "i can't tomorrow, maybe some other day"

      how can he possibly not know how to respond?

    • some people might lose their cool more easily than u expect u know ;)


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  • Unfortunately, it sounds like you're some kind back up girl.

    I don't know for sure; but what I do know is that he hasn't texted back in five hours. That's fuckin' bullshit!

    Guess how long it takes to type a reply, 20 seconds.

  • so you wouldn't go to actually watch a movie? only to get fucked?


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  • Honey. I wish I knew the answer for that. Humans are really complicated creatures. That's why I try to be as simple as possible.