How to know if you like a guy?

So I rejected a guy and after a while he stopped likeing me. But, when he did for some reason I was upst that he did. So I dont know if I like him or not.


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  • You don't. You're another stupid ego bitch. If you're think you are not it's hard to prove it after what you just said.

    • Ok ik I might seem like one but I rejected him for family reasons. We had nothing in common. I used to like him when I first met him but it faded. and now I don't know why I think I might like him again. I worded it incorrectly. I just want to know how you know you like someone.

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    • Also I don't know he's easily insulted. I say one thing and he bends it into another.

    • "Caring and sweet"


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  • Whenever you can have something you don't want it as much than when it's no longer available. Either you just like the attention he gives you or you're mad because you don't know how or why he could stop liking you all of a sudden.

  • maybe you just like the idea of him or the fact that he liked you less then you actually liked him.