I finally understand. Why did it take me so long?

Last year I really liked this guy and he ended it with me for having depression. He wasn't ready for anything serious. I tried to talk to him and he ignored me. He then became interested in my friend of 10 years and they both started dating. I took it horribly but I felt like a joke. I have been trying to talk to both of them since. He was the first person I pushed away because of my depression. I msged him to try to make peace with them and they both ignored me. She then posted on her Twitter that I should take a hint. They both know I'm recovering from depression. I finally realized they're just mean people. Why did this take me so long?


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  • sometimes when you really like and care about the people its hard to see that they aren't good for you.


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  • yes you will find in your life that some people are just jerks.

    its up to you, to find the genuine people that do love and care for you ad aren't just filling in time till something else comes along

  • mean? wait... maybe they want u 2 recover first?

    • They ignored me and talked about me behind my back. She told me that if I hadn't had depression he would have wanted me.

    • that's shitty then :|

    • They were awful to me. I would ask her to speak to him and she refused. Yet she was hanging out with him all the time.

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  • Sometimes we are blinded by the truth because we love and care about someone so much. Or we just doesn't see it or notice exactly what's going on.