Please help me, did she have a guilty conscience? Why did she call?

I saw my crush driving another guy home from a hang out. I was following them in my car because that is the way I take home. We passed each other at a stop light and the guy in the car made a funny face. The guy in the car likes her too so I wasn't too excited to see them together like that..

A couple of minutes later my crush called me and said "Did you see who I got to take home?" and then she said "You are on speaker phone, say hello" and so I did, and then she said that is all she wanted to call for and we said goodbye..

Why did she call me to have a 30 second conversation like that? Does she have a guilty conscience about me seeing that?

Before she even drove him home we hugged each other and we were talking for 10 minutes at her car.

What do you guys think the meaning behind the phone call was?


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  • Yup guilty conscience.

    • What do you think that means? Is that a good or bad sign for me?

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    • If that is the case, wouldn't that mean she has to have feelings for both of us in order to keep the love triangle worth while? If she didn't like both one of us, why keep us both around?
      Or is this a case of she is trying to figure out who she wants to date more?

    • can you maybe stop for a moment and think for yourself? two people competing for you, isn't that neat?


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  • I'm kind of with the guys on this one.

    I think he probably wanted her to call you to make you more jealous, not because she felt guilty.

    • The thing is she asks me if i am going to go to things that she will be at. She is checking to see if we will be at the same place during the week basically. That is why I am having a hard time deciding if it was a bad or good thing

    • The difference, and the red flag, is she had you on speaker phone and made you acknowledge that you saw him with him in the car. That seems childish, and negative.

    • That is true, so what do you think I should do, ask her about it?

  • Does she know that you like her?

    • We have been on dates before, and while I haven't told her straight up I like her, it should be pretty obvious. I feel like she likes me back as well

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    • I don't know for sure, but I am pretty sure it was just a ride home she was giving him. She wasn't going to stay there. She just was giving him a ride home. She isn't dating the other guy. They went to the movies together a month ago, and when asked if it was a date the girl I like said no. I feel like she is trying to figure out which guy she wants to go with. I think she called because she wanted to show me that it wasn't what it seemed, although she never explained herself after that. No one has brought it up

    • Yeah same what I think.

      Don't let her string you along for nothing though

  • i think she does.

    • What do you think the meaning behind the phone call was?

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  • That was a strange - Like she was making sure that you knew that she saw you seeing her in the car with the other guy.

    • Well she also asked if I saw them. I feel like she called me to help diffuse the situation so that I wouldn't get upset or jump to conclusions about what I saw

  • She may have been rubbing it in...